8 Movie Monsters Ruined by Recent Films (And The Films That Could Save Them)

tcm remake Ever since the Hammer Horror boom in early cinema we have loved our monsters. We relish watching aliens, animals, insects and even monstrous humans tear apart unsuspecting victims and generally wreak carnage on our screens. We like our monsters to be works of art, prosthetics and sculptures that have been designed and modelled with love and care or CGI masterpieces that have had every detail attended to. And we like them to be given plausible situations, background stories and scenes to mutilate people in the most gruesome ways. Unfortunately, recent years have presented multiple films and franchises that have ruined our perfectly good monsters one way or another and deserve to be set upon by a pack of hungry creatures of the night for doing so. Luckily, there are some pretty interesting films coming out that are set to right the wrongs these films have made. Here's eight movie monsters, which films ruined them and who can save them.

8. Serial Killers - Mundane Slasher Films and Remakes

Slasher films are a personal favourite of mine. I, like many gorehounds, love the kills, the action, the dumbness and the entertainment value. But I also hate remakes, and it seems that the current trend for Slasher films is simple to churn them out as quickly as possible. I won€™t begin another Platinum Dunes rant, but there€™s little to no thought being put into any recent projects featuring psychotic madmen. The real victims recently are our classic Slasher film killers - Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface - who have all been laboured with pitiful remakes. There€™s not an original idea floating around anymore; no matter how many times you label your film a €˜reimagining€™, its still just a lack of real imagining. Who Can Save Them? Ok, it€™s not a movie; rather it is a TV show based on a movie. But with a pilot announced and horror maestro Wes Craven in talks to direct, the Scream TV Series looks set to revolutionise horror the way its predecessor film did back in the 90s. We€™ve had The Walking Dead, Dexter and American Horror Story to create a path for real horror on TV, now we need a recognisable face to storm in, show these modern Slasher films how it€™s done and show TV what fear and fun is all about. And that face might just be wearing a certain black and white mask.
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