8 Movie Plot Holes That Could Have Been Solved With One Line Of Dialogue

doctor-octopus Most of the time we can forgive movie plot holes, because they're usually not quite dumb enough to ruin the viewing experience in its entirety, and because we're able to put ourselves into the shoes of the screenwriters who forgot about them and can surmise why and how they might've screwed up. Still, there are a few glaring plot holes associated with some rather famous movies that not only shouldn't have made it into the finished products, but could have been fixed in about 7 seconds of screen time - if only somebody had noticed, huh? That's to say, had the screenwriters who failed to spot the major plot holes attached to the following 8 movies noticed them just a few minutes before they were forced to hand in their final drafts, they could have fixed them without much effort at all - in fact, it would have taken just a single line of dialogue to have righted some rather horrific wrongs. Of course, it's easy to point this kind of thing out in retrospect, but it's also interesting to see how simple it would have been to avoid all those fanboy rants in the aftermath of release day with just a few added words...

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