8 Movie Plot Holes That Could Have Been Solved With One Line Of Dialogue

8. Why Does Everybody Forget About Amanda? - Taken

TakenThe Plot Hole:Taken tells the story of a former CIA agent turned obsessive father named Bryan Mills who goes on a bloody rescue mission in Europe when his daughter, Kim, is kidnapped and forced into a sex ring whilst vacationing there. Though his daughter manages to survive the events of this story, her best friend Amanda, the more promiscuous and therefore more likely to be killed of the two, is killed. Once it happens, nobody ever mentions it again. Not even Kim. Her supposed best friend. The "One Line" That Could've Solved It..."Amanda... she didn't make it, Kimmy... I'm so sorry." - Bryan Mills Just a brief acknowledgment of this incident is all that was ever needed, and then the eight or nine people in the world who actually remembered that Amanda was a character and that she died at the beginning of the movie wouldn't have had to draw our attention to the fact that she was totally forgotten every time this movie gets mentioned. Maybe Amanda just sucked - ever thought that it might be that?

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