8 Movie Plot Points Secretly Introduced Earlier Than You Realised

7. Reservoir Dogs - Orange Being A Police Snitch

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Unfolding the story of a diamond heist gone wrong, Reservoir Dogs shows the fallout of the criminal exercise in which suspicions rise to fever-pitch between the gang of robbers.

A decent chunk of the movie passes by before the audience is hit with the revelation that one of the colour-coded central team has been a rat all along. However, keenly analytical viewers have pointed out in the years since its release that the traitor’s identity is seeded long before it is revealed.

In fact in the very first scene, Orange gives himself away unconsciously. If you think about it, this is a band of criminals, all of whom have it drilled into them that you don’t snitch - ever. So when, in the first scene, they get into a minor argument over tipping at restaurants and Orange without hesitation blames the short tip figure on Pink, it’s immediately made clear that he doesn’t hold the same moral code as the others.

Reddit user FinalEdit pointed out that this isn’t the only seeding that Orange is the wrong’un all along. They explain that in crime films the orange has long been associated with dark and bad situations. It seems that right from our first introduction to Orange, we’ve been told that he is the odd one out and not to be trusted.

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