8 Movie Plot Points Secretly Introduced Earlier Than You Realised

6. The Shawshank Redemption - Freedom In The Bible

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Now this is an absolute classic, but despite seeing the movie quite a few times throughout my youth it wasn’t until I read a tweet about this a couple years ago that I noticed it.

Famously the prison warden is a bit of a bible basher, a man who - despite clearly having no respect for his neighbour, to use the biblical term - seems heavily attached to the idea of using the bible to support his bullsh*t.

In one scene he lifts and displays a bible, telling the folks around him that “salvation lies within.” If you have a great memory and attention span, you may then get the satisfaction of connecting the dots when Andy escapes.

See, Andy hides the little hammer he tunnels with inside a bible; his key to freedom literally was contained within the hollowed out pages. Those with a keen eye may have even noticed that he keeps it hidden specifically in the Exodus section, something that Reddit user EvilPettingZoo_ pointed out as being extra significant because that segment is about escaping slavery and finding liberation.

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