8 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know Were Coming In 2019

So... does anyone still care about Men In Black?


Though it can get quite saddening to watch the millionth repetitive entry in a franchise, or watch a once-beloved property fall from grace, sequels are an important part of the Hollywood machine.

They're generally big money-makers and so provide studios with cash they can use to take risks on original movies, and they're often big, easily-marketable events that are great at luring in people who wouldn't normally trek to the cinema.

However, on occasion, some sequels can sneak up on you out of obscurity and bite you on the rear, like the shark that ate Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.

There are several reasons for this - less marketing power, no pop-culture clout, so much stuff eating up our free time that it's impossible to know about everything - but in 2019's case, it's likely because these sequels are so far away that the only way you'd know about them is if you actively sought the information out yourself.

There are already a bunch of sequels set to launch in the year after next, and because they're not due imminently - and because they're not about superheroes or Jedi - you might not know that they even exist.


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