8 Movie Trailer Scenes Removed For The Right Reasons

7. The X-Force Fighting (Deadpool 2)

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One of Deadpool 2's funniest surprises was the parachuting scene, which resulted in the brutal deaths of X-Force members like Shatterstar, Bedlam and Zeitgeist.

The reason it was such an effective gag was because everybody watching just expected this new team of superheroes to become an ass-kicking unit, especially because the movie dedicated an entire section to Deadpool recruiting team members.

Another reason it was so effective was because we'd already seen footage of the X-Force fighting before, in the trailers. This naturally built up the expectation that we would see something similar in the film, but according to co-writer Rhett Reese, these scenes only existed in the marketing to mislead audiences, and make the death gag that extra bit funnier:

"We had actors who were really generous, and they were willing to shoot footage that they knew and we knew wasn’t going to end up in the movie, but was only going to be in marketing material. So we had Terry Crews out there fighting stunt guys, knowing that it was only going to be in commercials - and we did use it, it’s in commercials and it’s in trailers. It was all to help mislead the audience on this big gag. It was very elaborately constructed to make sure people bought it."

And the ploy clearly worked. The X-Force scenes received some of the biggest laughs in the movie theatre, and it was partly thanks to this clever omission of footage that it worked so well.


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