8 Movie Trailers That Contained The Final Shot Of The Film

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Nobody expected Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be as good as it was, considering the character - at the time - wasn't the most popular Avenger, and it was being directed by two guys known for their TV work.

The movie is largely about the complex relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, so, fittingly, it ends with Rogers and Sam Wilson - aka the Falcon - setting out to locate Cap's long-lost wartime friend.

"When do we start?" asks Wilson. "We just did" quips Rogers in reply. It was a cool exchange that strengthened the important bond between the two characters, and fed into a brief conversation in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

This moment was shown in Winter Soldier's second main trailer, where it seemed quite unimportant and throwaway. In a trailer containing gunfights, cool shield throws and exploding helicarriers, this hardly stood out, and nobody could have guessed that the movie's ending had just been given away.


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