8 Movie Villains Whose Logic Makes No Sense

These villains were their own worst enemy. 

Spectre  Bond

Sometimes you have to question the decisions made by a movie villain.

Not their motivations or their reasoning; in order for films to work, audiences have to suspend disbelief and go along with the idea that revenge, world domination or simply greed are reasonable enough reasons to do evil acts. But I mean the little things. Those hasty moments performed by a villain that make audiences scratch their heads at the logic of a criminal mastermind.

In order for some movie plots to work, heroes and villains have to act out of the realm of reality, but sometimes there are decisions made by an antagonist that border on logically idiotic.

The judgement made by the villains in this list, then, is not only baffling, but could make even the most reasonable movie watcher pull their hair out in frustration.

In this list, you'll find seven disrupting figures in film whose decision making was more of a hindrance on themselves than the hero's involvement. Had any of them checked themselves and their stupid hubris, there's a strong chance they might have succeeded in the end.

8. Ghostbusters - Peck Ignores Three Scientists & Shuts Down An Unknown Machine

Spectre  Bond
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Is there not a more punchable character than Walter Peck? An obtuse figure in the film who only serves to be the interfering straw-man for the main characters. Peck is a personality we have all certainly encountered in the real world - but his annoying characteristics aren't what put him on this list.

Peck's arrival as an EPA officer does make sense for the Ghostbusters' universe, but after being rebuffed by Venkman and the team, he returns with the full force of litigation and warrants, and demands the containment unit that houses the trapped ghosts be shut down.

Quick Hypothetical: Putting the way in which this goes about aside, even if you had it on good authority that toxic waste was pouring out the containment unit and spilling onto the streets, if three acclaimed scientists advised you not to switch off said machine (for the safety of others), you would probably listen to them, right?

This whole scenario is accompanied by an anxious electrician who doesn't recognise the machine he is being tasked with switching off, and even Peck doesn't know what it is exactly either.

Of course, Peck's a stubborn idiot and the machine is switched off and all hell breaks loose. Peck immediately points the finger at the Ghostbusters, and herein lies not just a backstabbing weasel of a man, but someone who is so dumb he cannot see the consequences of his own actions.

Peck is the kind of person who would leave naked candles unattended overnight, and then blame the fire brigade for his house burning down.


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