8 Movies Everyone Remembers For One Terrible Scene

Those terrible movie scenes that were scorched into our minds forever.

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You never truly know what sequences or moments are going to wiggle their way into pop culture by the time a big screen project is let loose into theatres around the world.

Pieces of seemingly throwaway dialogue, an inspired bout of unexpected improvisation, or even just a knowing look from a beloved character have all become calling cards for eventual classics over the years. But for every cherished and adored scene that ensures a film is remembered for all the right reasons, another that does the polar opposite isn't ever too far around the corner.

It has to be said that no movie director goes out with the intention of forging infamous beats that arguably become more iconic than the rest of the feature they belong to. But that still doesn't stop fans from hilariously and consistently recounting everything from misjudged sex scenes to cringe-worthy back-and-forths when each of the following ten flicks is brought into the conversation.

From jaw-droppingly awful dance routines to questionable means of survival, these movie scenes all ultimately earned their place in the unwanted wing of the cinematic hall of fame...

8. Martha! - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

showgirls movie
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Probably best to get this one out of the way early, right?

For all the good that Zack Snyder managed to achieve when committing his version of The Caped Crusader to the big screen, bringing us a brooding and broken Bruce Wayne who had been pushed to his limit, the record will always show that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice gave us one of the most laughable moments of reconciliation ever to grace cinemas.

As The Dark Knight finally finds himself in a position to rid the globe of the Kryptonian terror that is Superman, standing over The Man of Steel with a kryptonite-tipped spear, Kal-El explains that they need to "save Martha" with his escaping breaths. Confused and taken aback, Ben Affleck's roars of "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!" have become the stuff of movie legend, with his rapid change of heart soon after leaving most in attendance chuckling out of place.

BVS is far from a perfect feature from start to finish, but the parts that hit were unfortunately massively overshadowed by ill-judged beats like the one that set Wayne and Clark Kent on a collision course with Doomsday.


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