8 Movies Everyone Remembers For One Terrible Scene

7. Gobble, Gobble - Gigli

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Your writer promises this list isn't just an excuse to fire shade at Ben Affleck projects of the past. But that being said, it would be pretty difficult to deliver a collection of this ilk without shining a spotlight on absolute dud that was 2003's Gigli. And in particular, the scene that has since outgrown the flop itself.

Depicting Jennifer Lopez's Ricki attempting to seduce Affleck's Larry Gigli in the bedroom during the ill-fated romcom, two lines very nearly killed off both stars' careers in ten seconds flat. Setting the stage for some rumpy pumpy, Lopez's utterance of "It's turkey time" is only bettered (or worsened) by her unintentionally shiver-inducing follow-up of "gobble, gobble".

The project itself acted as the nail in the coffin of writer/director Martin Brest, with a once-promising voice buried underneath the deluge of criticism hurled at this embarrassingly awful picture and scene.

But with J-Lo and the former Bat-fleck now back together in real-life, at least something positive came out of this Gigli-gobble. Though you can't imagine memories of this career-threatening pillow talk will be happily recalled come turkey time... I mean, Thanksgiving.


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