8 Movies That Everyone Turned Against On A Second Viewing

Sometimes movies aren't quite as good as we remember them.

The wonderful thing about movies - and art in general - is that our opinions on them are constantly changing; just because you think a certain movie is brilliant when you're a kid doesn't mean you'll necessarily agree with that analysis when you grow up. But that's the point. Life is all about change, and as a we grow older and take on new ideas and form opinions on a whole host of subjects, we often find ourselves reconsidering our tastes and switching our positions. So it's no surprise that we do, from to time, revisit movies for a second viewing, only to find... well, that they're not quite as good as we remember them to be. Whereas the movies that fall under this category will differ from person to person, of course, there are some movies that lots and lots of people - thousands and thousands, it might seem - collectively appeared to agree weren't anywhere as good as we'd all made out originally. To such an extent, that it became a "thing." Of course, the hype and excitement associated with the release of a long-awaited flick certainly enhances its enjoyment when you watch it in the theatre, and it's true that without those traits the impact of a second viewing of certain films might well be lessened. It might also be worthwhile to consider that, with some movies, we were so eager to enjoy them that we might have given them more credit than they initially deserved at first. To avoid our own disappointment, so to speak. For whatever reason, then, here are 8 movies to consider, all of which seemed to fall victim to the problems of that all important second viewing. Those flicks which were seemingly beloved upon cinematic release, only for their integrity to be questioned when it came time for the home release...
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