8 Movies That Everyone Turned Against On A Second Viewing

8. The Avengers

In the days following its initial release, the praise for Joss Whedon's The Avengers seemed to hit maximum overdrive - it was hailed as the best Marvel movie to date and as a great climax to mark the cinematic universe that the studio had spent the previous 5 years pulling together. There were some detractors, of course, but for the most part fans seemed to agree that the film - with had Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor facing off against Loki and an inter-dimensional alien race - was a success. It was funny, self-aware and - best of all - action-packed. Talk about The Avengers now, though, and the positive energy levels seem to have been depleted somewhat. So here's a movie guilty of blowing away everyone in the cinema as they clambered to take it all in, only for it to... well, expose itself as something far less dense and imaginative as we first thought? Apparently so. Did a second viewing make it clearer that this was a motion picture made without risks, without narrative innovation, and with little emotional capacity? Perhaps. It's still fine blockbuster entertainment, of course, but for a lot of Marvel fans, that all-important second viewing just didn't hold up.
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