8 Movies Helmed By The Most Inappropriate Directors Imaginable

Michael Bay1 We come to expect certain things from certain directors, in the sense that it can be a little unnerving if they decide to step outside of their established territory. Although it wouldn't be a crime against humanity or anything, it'd be strange to hear that Steven Spielberg was making a horror movie, or that Michael Bay had decided to helm a musical. Occasionally, though, a director associated with a very specific type or genre of movie embarks on a project that appears so inherently inappropriate for them to tackle, that it seems a little... well, wrong, to be honest. I'm not suggesting that filmmakers be required to stick with a certain type of movie for the rest of their careers - I certainly enjoy it when directors or writers renowned for one thing try to break the mould with something different. But sometimes it's not as easy as just going in with an open mind, especially when you discover that a director renowned for their mostly bad movies has put themselves behind the camera on a movie dealing with an incredibly controversial subject. Here are 8 flicks of that kind - movies that were helmed by the most inappropriate directors imaginable, many of which resulted in some rather spectacular (and embarrassing) failures...

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