8 Movies Loved By Their Viewers But Hated By Their Critics

You can take your rotten tomatoes and stick 'em!

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Movie critics have been the taste-makers of entertainment for quite some time. Prior to a film's release, the professionals will get advanced copies and screenings and delicately prepare the viewing public for what's to come.

Films that are praised by high profile names can gather even more hype, while those condemned by them run the risk of flopping before they've even made it to the screens.

In times like these, a trusted movie critic might be what pushes you to take the risk and see Tenet in all its loud and awfully edited glory. But sometimes critics, who in the end are just people with a subjective opinion, can be wrong.

They might hate a film to the core, but the general audience might lean the opposite direction and absolutely adore it. The viewers see something the critics could not - and for that it's a baffling masterpiece of cinema.

Scrolling through Rotten Tomatoes has become a hive of hilarious contradictions as then critics have assured us a film would suck, but the general consensus from the viewing audience couldn't be any different.

To prove this point, here are eight recent films, whose scores between critics and audience members could not be further apart. Let's hope your favourite bad film made it on the list.


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