8 Movies That Broke Their Own Rules

6. Advanced Alien Race Uses Windows O/S - Independence Day

Independence DayRule: The alien invaders are a deeply sophisticated, technologically advanced enemy with capabilities far ahead of our own. Independence Day is a classic slice of cinematic cheesecake, so perhaps we don't expect a lot of intellectual nuance from it, but damn, this is a film that really doles out the stupidity. The most hilariously idiotic moment in the film is when Jeff Goldblum manages to write a computer virus that infects the alien ship's systems, as apparently the alien computers also happen to be running a compatible Microsoft system, as one would totally expect from a seemingly advanced civilisation. It just doesn't make any sense. Unless...aliens invented Windows and gave it to us, which would explain a lot, actually. Other than that, I suppose you could argue that it's just a testament to how advanced the alien computer is, that it can read anything uploaded to it. It just didn't have a particularly advanced virus protection system, though...
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