8 Movies That Broke Their Own Rules

7. Feeding Gremlins After Midnight - Gremlins

GremlinsRule: You can never feed a Gremlin after midnight. Gremlins has a far more specific set of rules than that; they're for taking care of the Mogwai named Gizmo, and are outlined to us near the start of the film. The rules state we can't get him wet, we can't expose him to sunlight, and never ever feed him after midnight. The problem is that these rules just lack any clear vision, and as such they tend to cause more headaches and questions than actual tension. Does Gremlins break its own rules? Almost definitely, but what the Hell do the rules mean anyway? The more astute of you might be asking - but it's always after midnight somewhere, so how is Gizmo "set" on any one specific time? Plus, what time can Gizmo start eating again? Isn't any time after midnight technically "after midnight"? It would have made more sense if there was a specific time window - say, between midnight and mid-day - where Gizmo could not be fed.
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