8 Movies That Sacrificed Their Integrity By Pandering To The Masses

8. World War Z (2013)

world_war_z_38189Sacrificed Its Integrity By... Not Being World War Z (At All) What we have here, unfortunately, is a relatively enjoyable zombie movie that gets a couple of things wrong in the integrity department - that's to say, World War Z is World War Z (as in, the book that this movie was based upon) in name only. Not only that, but fearful that this thing was going to be a massive flop, the studio decided that it was probably a better idea if they didn't give it an R-rating, which just goes against all zombie movie rules, of course. I'm a firm believer that zombie movies should - without fail - possess an R-rating, after all. I don't care what the box office says or how movie studios feel about it: zombie movies are about flesh-eating monsters who rip people's intestines out and eat their brains. If you shoot for an age restriction that lets families into your movie, you're doing it wrong. Which is what happened here, really: an okay zombie movie, but guilty of so very much pandering. Boo.

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