8 New Awards Categories That Would Make The Oscars Better

We'd like to thank the Academy...


The race is on!

As the build-up to the 92nd Academy Awards commenced on earlier this week with the nominees announced, the controversial snubs and rejections were once again at the forefront of the announcement.

Rightfully so, but let's not try to fix that problem. Instead, why not ponder some of the awards and accolades the Academy could introduce into their categories? Why? Because the Oscars, despite being the most prestige awards ceremony in film, can be a little predictable and boring.

Of all the core awards that are presented each year, public opinion is that the technical ones aren't interesting enough to televise and if all the nominees are for films a majority of the public haven't seen, chances are they aren't going to be as emotionally invested.

So to reel in public attention, and give figures in Hollywood more opportunity for the infamous and prestigious awards, let's run off a list of awards the AMPAS could adopt.

Here is hoping if we ever do see some suggestions get taken on, maybe some underdogs in cinema frequently overlooked will finally get the recognition and attention they deserve.

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