8 Overlooked Animated Disney Films That Are Better Than You Think

Does the son of Zeus really deserve that much apathy?

Disney is a constant through life for many of us. Producing some of the finest animated movies ever for over seventy-five years, there have been multiple generations raised on a mixture of bona fide classics and the latest releases, only to return as adults to embrace their brilliance. At their best, their films are universal, appealing to children and adults alike with bright images and a ruthless treatment of parental figures.

Now is a great time to be a fan of the original animation greats: after a decade of mediocre attempts to be €˜hip€™ things are finally on the up, with the recent double-whammy of Wreck-It-Ralph and Frozen raising hopes for a run of form akin to that of the Renaissance in the early-nineties.

And if the future isn't as bright as we expect, at least there€™s that massive back catalogue to explore. So far there's been a total of fifty-three official Walt Disney Animation Studios films (although the official number depends on the country you live in), all of which are available with varying levels of ease. With so many out there, there must a hidden, underrated gem, right? You bet your Platinum Edition of The Beauty And The Beast there is.

We€™ve already looked at Disney films that are incredibly overrated, so now let€™s turn things the other way round and look at the eight Disney films whose brilliance has just been ignored.


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