8 Overlooked Animated Disney Films That Are Better Than You Think

8. The Black Cauldron

It's easy to forget that Simba's epic journey, viewed by many as the height of Disney's early-nineties resurgence, was only a decade on from a time time when Disney releases were treated with extreme trepidation. Following Walt's death in 1967, the films took a quality dive, turning the seventies and eighties into an animation wasteland.

The Black Cauldron is often quoted as the nadir of this period. Scraping back only half of its frankly ridiculous $40 million budget, its reputation is dominated by being the film that almost snubbed out Disney animation. But does that make it a bad film? Brazil was also a 1985 box office flop (albeit due to studio mishandling), but it has subsequently become regarded as a sci-fi classic.

The Black Cauldron€™s reputation hasn€™t really improved with time, but it should be given a second chance. One of Disney€™s darkest outings, it was an unconventional turn away from heartwarming laughs (the film adapts fantasy series The Chronicles Of Prydain), but justifies that with some disturbing imagery and stern commitment to its high fantasy story.

Too risky at the time (it was the first Disney movie with no songs), the VHS release took over a decade to materialise, only reaffirming the misguided view it was utterly terrible.


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