8 Problems With John Wick No-One Wants To Admit

Hollywood's most overrated franchise today?

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2014's John Wick was the little film that could. It was a reasonably low-budget action film that no-one expected much from, but it did extremely well and has now spawned a beloved and highly successful franchise that's not only among the most acclaimed Hollywood franchises today, but one that pretty much relaunched the career of its star, Keanu Reeves.

But is this deserved?

It is undeniable that the John Wick films have plenty going for them. The world-building is superb, the cinematography is brilliant, the sound design and soundtrack are strong and they are well-made, but it's also arguable that these movies are considerably less strong than their critical reception suggests.

Obviously, this won't be a popular opinion and each to their own, but it does feel like the franchise has got away with a lot of mistakes that other Hollywood films get criticised for all the time, which makes the popularity of these movies feel surprising to say the least.

As the franchise continues to expand, with both a spin-off and a TV series lined-up, hopefully it'll soon fix these mistakes and fully earn its lofty critical standing...

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