8 Promising Things Ben Affleck Will Bring To A Batman Film

After all, he was the best thing about Batman V Superman.

Ben Affleck Batman
Warner Bros.

It seems like only yesterday that Ben Affleck was getting blasted on the internet for being cast as Batman. Now, it's just a couple of years later and his involvement in the upcoming solo Batman film is the most promising thing in the entire DCEU.

Not only is he going to star in the superhero film, he’s going to direct it based on a script that he’s already co-written. The entire film is going to permeate with Ben Affleck's touch and that is a very good thing.

Affleck has won Oscars for both his producing and writing, and despite some bad roles in years past, he’s earned plenty of acclaim lately for his acting as well. Affleck is one of the premier creative forces in film and that is for a deserved reason.

The expectation now is that he’s going to bring all of those talents into one astounding Batman film. But the success that fans are expecting isn’t going to come easy. There are a lot of pieces to getting a film of this magnitude right; thankfully Affleck ought to be bringing many of those essential filmmaking qualities with him.

Though the Batman film is still years away, Affleck’s involvement is cause for cautious optimism. The DCEU desperately needs a hit and he may be just the man to give it to them.

8. A Competent Script

Ben Affleck Batman
Warner Bros/DC

It’s easy to forget that Affleck won his first Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting and has since penned the scripts for his own Gone Baby Gone and The Town. In other words, he has yet to write a bad movie, even though he's never tackled something this big before.

Even more promising is that he's been teamed up with DC Comics stalwart Geoff Johns, who is presumably there to help him with the more 'comic-booky' elements of the story and to ensure that Affleck's work stays true to the character.

After the notably poor characterization of Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman and a failure to really understand Superman's motivations, it's a welcome sign that someone with a little more intimate knowledge of the comic universe has been brought in to help.

Affleck’s writing has always been grounded and believable, so coupling that steady hand with a dose of comic book faithfulness and excitement appears to be a winning combination. At the very least, Affleck should be able to produce a halfway decent script, which would still be better than what the DCEU has churned out so far.


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