8 Promising Things Ben Affleck Will Bring To A Batman Film

7. His Actor Friends

Ben Affleck Batman

It cannot be understated what a draw Ben Affleck could be when rounding out the cast for this film. This is a guy with a lot of talented friends, many of whom might not be otherwise interested in a superhero film. Look no further than Scoot McNairy for proof of this. The character actor worked with Affleck on Gone Girl and Argo and it led to him accepting a supporting role as Wallace Keefe in Batman V Superman.

Everyone cracks jokes about Matt Damon being cast as Robin but age issues aside, would that really be such a terrible thing? Damon is a huge star and thanks to Affleck’s involvement, the idea of his inclusion has actually become a real possibility. In fact, there are plenty of other characters like Harvey Dent or Hush that he could be perfectly suited for.

Likewise, Ben’s brother Casey Affleck is a noted actor is his own right, albeit one who tends to stay away from bigger films like this one. Surely having his brother involved could bring him over.

Actors want to work with other talented actors and directors, so expect the Batman cast to shape up very nicely, in large part thanks to Affleck.


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