8 Reasons Dr. Strange Is The Most Revolutionary Marvel Movie Ever

After this, the MCU will never be the same again (and that's a good thing).

Doctor Strange Steve Ditko
Marvel Studios

After Doctor Strange earned heaps of critical accolades and a stellar opening weekend gross, it seems odd in hindsight that many pundits and fans considered the film a dicey proposition for Marvel Studios. Marvel had gambled on obscure comic book characters before with Guardians of the Galaxy and had that absolutely pay off, so it wasn't like there wasn't precedent.

But then, Strange was something different altogether.

The Sorcerer Supreme was set to take Marvel fans out of the typical comic book movie world of science fiction and into the realm of fantasy. Some people wondered if audiences would be willing to take that ride with Stephen Strange or revolt against Marvel's change in direction.

Those fears have been put to bed. Strange is yet another triumph for Marvel and the film's importance goes beyond being a mere financial success for the studio. Doctor Strange is Marvel's most subversive, revolutionary film to date and may have a lasting effect on the superhero blockbuster genre.

It's time to examine what makes Strange so unique and exciting and take a look at the ramifications it will have on the future of blockbuster cinema. The genre comic fans know and love may never be the same again and that's cause for fans to celebrate.


8. Doctor Strange Expanded The Scope Of The MCEU Immeasurably

Doctor Strange Steve Ditko
Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange mind-bending narrative has deepened the MCU in ways few fans saw coming. Marvel had already taken trips to the stars with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor, but, as Doctor Strange proved, there were still many corners of Marvel's universe left unexplored.

Prior to Doctor Strange's debut, Marvel movies had largely stuck to standard superhero genre tropes. The Avengers faced foes culled from traditional science fiction fare like invading aliens armies and rogue robots. After the events of Doctor Strange, Marvel superheroes are living in a world where anything is possible, and earth's mightiest heroes will now have to contend with metaphysical villains as well as conventional ones.

Strange's influence on Marvel's universe could be profound. The good doctor has reinvigorated Marvel's formula by freeing the studio to explore alternate realities, parallel dimensions, and time travel storylines. It's likely that in the near future audiences will witness the Avengers journeying through different times and dimensions.

There are limitless possibilities and, fourteen films in, the MCU is more exciting than ever before. Fans might well look back on Strange as the most important film in the history of the Marvel canon and a major milestone for superhero blockbusters.


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