8 Reasons Dr. Strange Is The Most Revolutionary Marvel Movie Ever

7. Doctor Strange Made Being Intellectual Cool

Doctor Strange Steve Ditko
Marvel Studios

In the world of Doctor Strange knowledge is power. The evil Kaecilius kicks off his diabolical scheme by raiding the Ancient One's library and swiping a few choice pages from her secret stash of books. Stephen Strange is also a book-freak.

The film devotes an entire scene to him using his powers to pilfer books to up his magic. It's even suggested that Strange's insatiable appetite for knowledge is one of his many superpowers. This characterization of Strange's studying habits as source of power is truly unique and sets him apart from other musclebound superheroes.

Strange's eagerness to hit the books is revolutionary because he is setting an example for younger members of the audience in a way few superheroes have done before. Kids could be inspired to emulate Strange's bookworm habits. Years from now, future doctors may point to Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of a studious, kick-ass hero as the catalyst that inspired them to make the grade.

Reading regularly is a great way of improving the mind and literacy is vitally important in modern society. Marvel equating reading with power essentially qualifies as a public service and the studio has created a great role model for young fans.


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