8 Reasons Why The Lego Movie Will Be Awesome

Because your childhood memories count on it being absolutely amazing, right?

The eagerly anticipated The Lego Movie has been in production with Warner Bros. for 5 long years now, and it may turn out to be one of the greatest animated movies of all time. Brave words? Perhaps, but The Lego Movie boasts a truly tremendous amount of potential. The Lego Movie is based on the massively popular toy franchise, and the film focuses on Emmet, an everyday construction worker who discovers he is the key to saving the universe. Joined by the sassy Wyldstyle, Batman, and the wise wizard Vitruvius, Emmet must use the power of imagination to defeat the evil tyrant Lord Business. The film is directed and written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are both well known for their directorial work on the surprisingly brilliant Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and the side-splittingly hilarious 21 Jump Street. This time, though, they've got quite a task on their hands: producing a genuinely good movie out of a massive and insanely famous toy franchise. And yet with all the talent involved, The Lego Movie looks like it's going to be a fantastic film. It is set for an early February release date, so ignore all that romantic nonsense surrounding Valentine's Day: go take your other half to see The Lego Movie (and if they need any reassurance, the following 8 reasons should do the job)...

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