8 Reasons Why DC Fanboys Are Jealous Of The MCU

Just admit it DC fans, the MCU's success is your Kryptonite.

No matter which way you look at it, DC is a long, long way behind Marvel when it comes to making its properties a hit on the screen. Marvel Studios' partnership with Disney has so far proved far more fruitful than anybody could ever have imagined, and ever since the words 'Avengers Initiative' were uttered it's felt like Warner and DC have been scrabbling around in a frenzy trying to assemble their own super-team. The fact that heroes are being crammed into BvS: Dawn Of Justice is all the proof you need of that. Things finally seem to be progressing at last, with next year's Batman v Superman beginning a slate of films that Warner is hoping will stretch to 2020. By that time though the MCU will have been blowing up box offices over 12 years and 23 films, building franchises that both stand alone and tie into a greater narrative. The DC/Marvel comic book rivalry has always been notoriously fierce but it's hard not to think that Marvel has already won the war as far as the movies are concerned. I'm sure plenty of people reading this will be doing so with clenched fists and something close to the resting heartbeat of a dormouse, but maybe, just maybe, it's time for the DC faithful to settle for what they've got, embrace the green eyed monster, and show some love to their rivals. Here's why...


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