8 Reasons Why Miles Morales Shouldn't Be The Movie Spider-Man Yet

Marvel and Sony are smart to hold off on using Miles Morales as Spider-Man

Last week Marvel and Sony announced that Tom Holland will portray Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. There were groans from many on social media that Sony/Marvel were blowing the opportunity to use Miles Morales, the half-black/half-Hispanic Spider-Man of Marvel€™s Ultimate alternative comic universe; comments about the lack of diversity in the Spider-Man movie series got so heated that even Stan Lee got involved to defend the casting of a Caucasian actor as Spider-Man. Since Morales debuted in 2011 he has gained many fans among comic readers. Those who don€™t read comics have also embraced the idea of a non-white teenager being behind the mask of one of the world€™s most popular superheroes. But, as great of a character as Morales is, the timing isn't right for him to be the movie Spider-Man just yet. In fact, if Sony/Marvel used Morales as the newest movie Spider-Man now, it could end up backfiring and hurt the character in ways that could prevent Morales from ever carrying a Spider-Man movie franchise. The following reasons explain why Morales should not be the movie Spider-Man at the moment and what Sony/Marvel could do with the character now to one day create a Miles Morales Spider-Man movie that the character truly deserves.


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