8 Reasons Why Miles Morales Shouldn't Be The Movie Spider-Man Yet

8. We Finally Can See Peter Parker In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

There have been five Spider-Man movies so far, but despite their popularity we have yet to see a truly great depiction of Peter Parker on screen. The Sam Raimi series started out strongly, but the stilted dialogue, hammy performances, and dated special effects have not aged well. The two most recent films directed by Marc Webb covered much of the same ground and weren't as successful at the box office or with critics. Most importantly, none of those movies featured Parker interacting with the rest of the Marvel Universe like he now can, and has for fifty years in the comics. Even among those who liked the previous Spider-Man movies there is still a prevailing sense that we haven't yet seen Peter Parker at his best on screen yet. Fans deserve to see the original Spider-Man webslinging at his best alongside the Avengers first before his replacement gets a shot.

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