8 Reasons Why Sony's Venom Movie Has Us Worried

8. Sony's Track Record


While it makes plenty of sense that Sony would be the studio behind the upcoming Venom film, that does not mean at all that it is what is best for the film.

In fact, Sony is arguably much more responsible for the derailment(s) of the franchise than they are for the successes. Everyone and their mother loves Sam Raimi's first two films but many point to Spider-Man 3 as the nadir of its respective trilogy.

Who is to blame for this? Sony.

They took Raimi's pre-existing ideas and script for the third installment and forced story changes and new characters upon him, insisting that it would please audiences. Funnily enough, those changes all centered around one character: Venom.

Rather than giving Raimi a chance to move ahead with his planned fourth installment, the studio pulled the rug out from under him and decided to reboot the entire franchise a mere five years later. What followed was the 'Amazing' Spider-Man franchise, which is notable for its head-scratching execution in nearly every way on the part of the studio. They wound up rushing to try and build a Spidey Universe so that they could cram in spin-off films.

Now, only after Marvel stepped in to show them how to not ruin Spider-Man, Sony's plan is somehow back on track with this Venom film.


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