8 Reasons Why X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is Underrated

Sure, they're needles in a haystack of mediocrity, but they're there.

The redheaded stepchild of Fox's X-catalogue - yes, perhaps even more so than X-Men: The Last Stand - this Wolverine prequel looked fantastic on paper when it was first announced. it had everything: the story behind Weapon X and the horrific experiment that gave Logan his claws, the origins of his relationship to Sabretooth, the first cinematic appearances of Deadpool and Gambit. How could it go wrong? Unfortunately, go wrong it did, as the common complaints seen across the internet will attest. Patchy CGI, a few wrong turns storytelling-wise, bad big screen adaptations of fan-favourite characters... but it's honestly not all bad. If you look at the forest for some of its individual trees, you will finds thing you can enjoy. The movie gets a bad rap on the whole because to many its cons outweigh its pros, and its potential feels utterly squandered. The film's turbulent production is well documented, with struggles between its indie director (Tsotsi's Gavin Hood) and 20th Century Fox being uniformly quoted (sounds Four-miliar). It's just a shame that these kinds of bullsh*t bureaucratic power struggles can so badly affect the quality of a film, but at the very least we should recognise the ingredients of the film that do come together to leave a good taste in the mouth - of which true fans should find a few, as we recognise how insanely lucky we are to even have big screen renditions of these characters in the first place.

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