8 Reasons X-Men: Apocalypse Doesn't Deserve The Hate

7. It Provides Something Different

XMen Apocalypse Professor X
20th Century Fox

Considering just how many comic films are getting released, it’s an enormous challenge for filmmakers to create any point of significant difference. Marvel are known for producing films with a lot of levity and colour, and as a direct response DC have gone out of their way to produce films that are as dark as possible. Deadpool was a major exception to the rule, but as it stands, the formulas are pretty entrenched.

I would argue, however, that Apocalypse manages to provide something unique in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The film has moments of melodrama, much like the DC Universe has tried to imbue into its properties, without being quite as heavy handed. Similarly, it makes sure to have some laughs, but the gags are less frequent, and less central to the overall tone than they are with Marvel.

Additionally, the film adds to an ongoing origin saga, that treads different narrative beats than the typical single film origin we see in so many films. Because Apocalypse is an ensemble cast, that is also a period piece prequel, and also sits in a world that has had a heavily altered timeline, there is nothing that quite compares to it in comic book films at the moment.

Now, does this make it perfect? No way. But given how much material there is at the moment, it’s a real testament to everyone involved that they can still produce something that stands alone, and further adds to a universe that has not always been particularly strong, right in the middle of the superhero bubble.


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