8 Scrapped Horror Monsters That Would’ve Been TERRIFYING

Horrifying horror monsters that you never got to see. Hellraiser, The Conjuring & more!

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The movie world moves at a breakneck speed sometimes. With ideas being thrown about left right and centre, there is constant competition for supremacy and some inevitably are scrapped in favour of newer, spicier pitches.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, there are ideas for films and monsters that sit for so long on the back-burner or the development table that they become untenable. Maybe the time has passed, the interest has waned, or simply the budget has just run out.

For whatever reason, there are plenty of horror villains that never make it to our screens, despite their promising nature. Sometimes they’re replaced with different, equally scary ones, or sometimes unfortunately their replacement isn’t so great. Either way, do you ever wonder what could’ve been?

From live-action prosthetic-laden zombie-vampires, to way-too-scary-for-a-PG-rating fiends, the world of scrapped monsters is filled with gems. Hollywood may have thought they were acting in the best interest of the audience but we all know they sometimes get it wrong, so let’s pour one out now for the bin-bound bogeymen.

8. The Conjuring 2 - A Black-Horned Demon

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James Wan/Warner Bros. Pictures

Believe or not, most of the film was filmed and edited with the understanding that our central monster would not be a nun-looking being, but instead a big hulking jet-black demon. Now this entry is not to say that the nun look didn’t work, as it was definitely scary in its own way, but this guy had the potential to be great too.

The demon was inspired by classic iterations of Dracula in part, and was initially created for a film director James Wan was attached to long ago: Castlevania. There exists a fully animatronic build of this villain, to which they planned to add sprawling CGI wings, but when it came down to it, the beastie just wasn’t the right fit.

When the film made it to the edit process Wan thought the whole ‘huge ugly demon’ thing just didn’t suit the film. He wanted something to feel closer to the central characters, something to personally challenge the Warrens, and so swerving towards religious imagery made sense.

Valak the nun is unsettling for sure and absolutely terrifying in her own way, but take one look at this guy and tell me he isn’t awesome…


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