8 Scrapped Horror Monsters That Would’ve Been TERRIFYING

7. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark - The Chimney Man

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Stephen Gammell / Lionsgate

All the way back in 2013, CBS Films obtained the rights to turn Alvin Schwartz’s books ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark,’ and thus began the process of turning this sprawling source material into one 108 minute film.

Looking at the first book alone, you can find where few of the good stories came from. However, for all the stories of Schwartz’s that they chose to utilise, there also had to be those they ignored - and one that seemed fitting for the film’s tone but didn’t make the cut was the zombie from the story, ‘What Do You Come For?’.

In the story, bit by bit a corpse falls down the chimney and reassembles itself. Long, rotten limbs reattaching at the joints become a “great, gangling man” who dances around the room before attacking.

It seems that two stories became one so as to use certain parts of each the filmmakers liked; the fella in question here may have been blended with the story of Me Tie Dough-ty Walker to lend him a body. So he appeared in part, but in full also would’ve been great.


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