8 Sequels That Fixed Movie Plot Holes

7. Inaccurate Dinosaurs - Jurassic World

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When Jurassic Park came out in 1993, its presentation of dinosaurs was so realistic that several people thought it was a documentary!

Ok, that's not true. At least, we hope it's not true.

Also, the film isn't as accurate as you'd think. Though the dinosaurs may look convincing, especially by the standards at the time, any palaeontologist worth their salt could point out several flaws with them.

Brachiosaurus didn't stand on their hind legs. Dilophosaurus were much bigger in real life. And as for the T-Rex, if it had ran at the same speed as a jeep, its hollow bones would have exploded.

There's also all the subsequent scientific discoveries to take into account like the fact that it is now widely accepted that some dinosaur species had feathers. So why did InGen make so many mistakes with their main attractions?

This is explained away in 2015's Jurassic World. Geneticist Henry Wu mentions that the amphibian material used to patch up gaps in the dinosaur DNA has affected the appearance of the revived reptiles. This would explain why the park's inhabitants are more scaly than feathery.

It may have taken over two decades, but the answer to this question found a way.


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