8 Smartest Decisions Made By Saw Characters

7. Hoffman Tricks Strahm Into Signing His Own Death Warrant (Saw V)

Saw Hoffman

Peter Strahm is one of the most likeable characters in the Saw franchise, and, overall, he's also quite intelligent too - something we'll touch on later.

But in this particular instance... he got played like an absolute fool.

After figuring out that Mark Hoffman has committed several grisly murders, Strahm decides to bring this reign of terror to an end. Following Hoffman to an underground tunnel network, Strahm eventually finds a room with a large glass coffin in the centre, inside of which is a tape recorder.

Upon playing this recorder, Strahm hears a message left for him by Hoffman: if he climbs inside the coffin, he will live, and if he doesn't, he will die. It's a simple little game, but since Strahm knows that Hoffman is a murderer, he isn't just going to climb inside a small glass box for no good reason - so he doesn't.

Seems like a smart move, because that coffin is clearly a deathtrap, right? Well, no. After a brief scuffle, it's Hoffman who ends up inside the coffin, at which point it's revealed that he was actually telling the truth: the coffin was safe all along.

This results in Strahm being crushed to death, while Hoffman, lying inside the coffin, is lowered out of harm's way. Since Hoffman wanted Strahm dead, you could argue that there were easier ways to go about this, but tricking him into rejecting the coffin was still a cunning, cold, and well-calculated move.

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