8 Supporting Actors Who Were Paid SIGNIFICANTLY More Than The Main Star

7. Marlon Brando Made More Than Christopher Reeve (Superman: The Movie)

Iron Man Salary
Warner Bros.

The amount of money Marlon Brando made for less than 20 minutes of screen time in Superman: The Movie would be impressive in 2020, let alone all the way back in 1978.

As per Variety, the legendary actor raked in a huge $3.7 million base salary for his supporting role as Jor-El, with an additional 11.75% in backend earnings. The outlet also pointed out that he only worked for 13 days, an incredible profit for such a low time investment.

Conversely, actor Christopher Reeve - the Man Of Steel himself - "only" made $250,000 for leading the whole movie. Still, considering that it was only his second film role, it's not like he had much to complain about.

Brando also requested the same rate for the sequel, but the producers told him to shove it. In response, he denied them permission to use any of the scenes he'd shot.


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