8 Terrible Performances That Almost Ruined Recent Movie Scenes

7. Henry Thomas - Doctor Sleep

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Warner Bros.

It's always difficult when an actor steps into the shoes of a character so inextricably linked to another performer.

While it stacks the deck against them it doesn't mean winning audiences over is impossible, but sadly Henry Thomas couldn't quite overcome the odds when he was cast to replace the iconic Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep.

Featuring re-shot scenes from the first movie and all new ones starring the characters, the entire Torrance family was recast, but it's Thomas who gets the most to do and - sadly - is the most unconvincing.

The actor is clearly game enough, but a sequence where Jack - or as he is now, just the Overlook's ghostly bartender - speaks to son Danny is derailed by a performance that isn't quite an impression, but isn't quite something new either.

Though it would have been dangerous going for a full-on Nicholson impresonation as much as it would have been to completely reinvent the character, this middle-ground where half of Jack's mannerisms are there but half aren't ultimately proves to be the most distracting, and it results in you analysing the actor's decisions, rather than feeling immersed in the scene and believing in his character.


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