8 Things You Didn't Know About Ready To Rumble

So bad it's good, or just plain terrible? 

Ready to Rumble film poster
Warner Bros.

Ready to Rumble is one of the strangest endeavours any wrestling company has ever undertaken, right up there with Vince McMahon's WBF and the XFL. On the surface, it made total sense: make a major motion picture about WCW in an effort to increase the promotions popularity with a mainstream audience, thus getting them right back into the running with regards to the Monday Night War.

Come late '99, WCW had been overtaken by the mighty WWF and turned to Tinseltown for a helping hand. The result was a movie that critics hated, audiences didn't engage with and wrestling fans, strangely, rather liked (at least some of them did, anyway). That's odd because it's a movie that patently hates its own audience, portraying wrestling fans as toothless simpletons, unaware of the basic premise that wrestling is, in fact, a work.

Then there's the crass toilet humour, the nonsensical plot and a whole host of other things that make this one of the worst wrestling movies ever made, after perhaps only No Holds Barred (apologies, Mr. McIntosh). It's acceptable only to those who ignore its faults and watch it for reasons of nostalgia.

Despite causing a stir at the time, Ready to Rumble has dropped from the collective consciousness over the years. There is no Blu-Ray release - hell, you can't even buy it on DVD in the UK - and no special screenings in theatres. Jog your memory with eight things you might not know about its production...


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