8 Things You Need To Know About The New Pixar Movies

7. Inside Out Was Inspired By Pete Docter's Daughter

You may be unfamiliar with the name Pete Docter, but there's no doubt that you'll be familiar with the man's work. Docter is a key member of the Pixar team, having directed Monster's Inc and Up, written the stories for the first two Toy Story movies, and also acted as contributor for A Bug's Life, WALL-E, and several Pixar shorts like Mike's New Car and Dug's Special Mission. Another reason to get excited about Inside Out is that Docter has taken the reins as director, and his impressive track record suggests that it'll be charming for both kids and adults alike. Docter has admitted that he was inspired to create Inside Out, though, simply by watching his very own daughter growing up and becoming a teenager. Docter curiously observed his daughter as she became gradually more withdrawn with each passing day, and felt himself wondering what on earth was going on insider her head. Inside Out is based on the experiences of an 11-year-old girl just like Docter's daughter, as the director attempts to put a funny and heartwarming animated spin on a difficult time in a person's life.

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