8 Times MCU Trailers Showed Way Too Much

Those times Marvel forgot about its legendary secrecy.

Shang Chi Abomination
Marvel Studios

With MCU projects being announced so far in advance before their actual release, there is often just as much anticipation surrounding a new trailer as there is for the movie itself. This is the first real glance at what’s coming next, and the MCU typically do it better than most.

Records have been eclipsed, views on YouTube have gone through the roof, and the internet has been broken almost every time Marvel Studios releases a new trailer, and fans just love combing through frame by frame to figure out what is coming. To connect the few dots that the MCU has shown.

Sometimes however, Kevin Feige and co. take all of the fun out of it and simply show way too much in the trailer to begin with. It doesn’t happen all that often, but there have been times over the years when these trailers have ruined huge parts of the movie they were teasing.

Whether it was because entire scenes were shown and were no longer funny by the time they got to the cinema, massive plot threads were given away, or huge character appearances were made obvious, the MCU dropped the ball and ruined what would have otherwise been epic moments by showing too much in the marketing.

8. That Joke - Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

Shang Chi Abomination

Guardians of the Galaxy has always been one of the funniest, if not the funniest franchise under the Marvel Studios umbrella. It makes sense then, that this would be utilised in the trailer for the sequel, however there was one scene in particular that it leaned on far too much.

Onboard Ego’s ship, Mantis showed off her power by connecting with the emotions of the Guardians. As she took Peter Quill’s hand, through him she felt the same sexual love for Gamora that he did, announcing it to both Gamora and Drax at the same time.

It’s a scene that showcases the dynamic between Peter and Gamora, introduced Mantis, and really drove home the point that Drax would be much more a comic relief character than in the first movie. It was hilarious… the first time.

However, being played almost in its entirety in the trailer was a mistake. Anytime a trailer shows a whole scene it robs it of any real impact by the time it reaches cinemas, and this was no different. Everyone had already seen this joke play out fully numerous times, and it just wasn’t funny anymore.


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