8 Unpopular Movie Plot Twists That Don't Get Enough Credit

8. The Book of Eli (2010)

THE BOOK OF ELIThe Twist: A badass drifter named Eli spends his time wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland protecting an old book... a book that is eventually revealed to be the last remaining copy of the King James Bible... and guess what? He's been blind all along, don't you know? Why It's Unpopular: It's a goofy, gimmicky idea, and it makes no sense at all - how would Eli be able to fight the way he does if he lacked vision? It's not like he's Daredevil! Why It Deserves More Credit: The general public took this reveal like it was a personal insult, failing to forget that this was a B-movie, and that Eli turning out to be blind is an amusing, schlocky touch that makes sense given the context of the movie. The same thing was done with Japanese flick Zatoichi (also B-movie fun), and nobody thought it was out of place or complained then. And although it doesn't really matter, it's scientifically possible to learn to "see" with echolocation, so what's the problem? Book of Eli is ultimately bit of fun, just like this underrated twist.

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