8 Weirdest Accidents On The Sets Of Films

6. Donal Logue - Blade

Blade Accident
New Line

Donal Logue is no stranger to injuring himself, even outside of film sets. Before the filming of Blade even took place, Logue dislocated his jaw as a result of a motorcycle accident.

This injury would rear its head seven years later on the set of the film, as, during a fight scene with actress N'Bushe Wright, Logue received a nasty knock that ended up re-dislocating his jaw. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to receive treatment.

As revealed on the Blade DVD commentary, just before his injury Logue had just finished filming a scene where his character had been set on fire. The make-up department did such a bang-up job of covering him in very detailed third-degree burns that when he was rushed into A&E the staff at the hospital lost their collective minds.

His make-up was SO good the doctors genuinely assumed he'd been involved in some sort of horrific fire, and, if another member of the crew hadn't been there to explain the situation, poor Donal Logue wouldn't have been able to tell the doctors what had actually happened due to the fact he'd just busted his jaw off its hinges.

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