8 Widespread Movie "Facts" That Are Totally Untrue

6. Luke's Wampa Injury In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Was Implemented As A Way Of Disguising Injuries Mark Hamill Sustained From A Car Accident

Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Remember the second Star Wars movie? It's the one where you find out that Darth Vader is actually Luke Skywalker's father, but not that Luke and Princess Leia are actually brother and sister, because she kisses him at the beginning, and that'd be weird. You know what else happens at the beginning of this movie? Luke is scouting about on the ice planet of Hoth riding a creature called a Tauntaun like it's the most natural thing in the world, only to be suddenly attacked by a giant Yeti-ish monster called a Wampa, in which he's horribly injured. Everybody knows, of course, that this scene was written at the beginning of the movie because Mark Hamill, who plays Luke, had a car accident before production began, and they needed a way to explain why Luke would have a messed up face for the whole movie - hence, Wampa attack. It's a shame that, widespread as this story is, then, it isn't true at all: George Lucas reveals on the DVD commentary for the movie that this is just an urban legend, and that the scene was written in from the very beginning, way before the car accident ever happened.

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