9 Actors Who Died TWICE Horribly The Same Exact Way In Different Movies

Colin Salmon got diced into chunks in two separate movies.

The Wicker Man Kick Ass
Warner Bros & Universal

It's pretty much inevitable that anybody who works as an actor will end up with a couple of death scenes on their highlight reel, and for many actors they may even die in basically all of their movies (looking at you, Sean Bean).

But there are times when an actor's death scene might feel oddly reminiscent, like you've seen it happen before.

And sometimes that feeling of deja vu isn't your mind playing tricks on you, because indeed, occasionally actors die the same very brutal, very specific death in two separate movies.

This list naturally doesn't include super-conventional deaths like gunshots or stabbings because they're just too damn easy and not much fun, nor does it include spoofs, like John Hurt re-enacting his Alien death in Spaceballs, brilliant though it is.

Instead, this is focused purely on actors who inexplicably died a memorably messed-up death in two different films to the total surprise of audiences.

In some cases the latter death is clearly a riff on the previous one, but sometimes it's simply nothing more than a "happy" coincidence. Either way, it makes for a totally weird slice of movie star trivia...

9. Nicolas Cage - Bound & Burned Alive (The Wicker Man & Kick-Ass)

The Wicker Man Kick Ass
Warner Bros & Universal

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Nicolas Cage has died many, many times over the course of his career, though beyond your garden variety shootings and stabbings there's one particularly horrifying death the actor has performed twice - bound and burned alive.

In his ill-advised 2006 remake of the horror classic The Wicker Man, Cage's protagonist Edward Malus is killed when the villainous Pagan cult seals him inside a giant wicker effigy and sets it on fire. Malus is unable to do anything but watch as the structure burns to a crisp while he's inside it.

A few years later Cage acted out a rather similar demise in the brilliantly brutal superhero movie Kick-Ass.

As the Batman-aping hero Big Daddy, he's eventually set on fire by thugs employed by kingpin Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong), all while bound to a chair and with no means to save himself.

Unlike The Wicker Man we actually see the outcome of the fire, with Big Daddy expiring from his severe burns in front of his daughter Hit-Girl (Chloƫ Grace Moretz).


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