9 Actors Who Got High To Shoot Their Movies

2. Dennis Quaid - The Big Easy

Unlike his brother, Randy, who believes that a mysterious group of Hollywood "Star Whackers" is trying to kill him and his wife and extort them for millions of dollars that they don't have, Dennis Quaid seems like the kind of clean-cut everyman who probably sits at home on Sundays watching the NFL with a beer in his hand. But back in the day, there was probably a fine film of cocaine on his teeth, too. But hopefully the elder Quaid left his affinity for blow back on the set of The Big Easy, where he was busy trying to become spiritual brethren with John Belushi. He even has a similar story to Dan Akyroyd, recounting how the drug was disguised in the movie's budget.
"I was getting an hour of sleep a night. I'd wake up, snort a line, and swear I wasn't going to do it again that day. But then 4 o'clock rolled around, and I'd be right back down the same road like a little squirrel on one of those treadmills. The lack of sleep made it so my focus wasn't really there, which affected my acting."
Yes, it really did affect his acting. Have you heard his attempt at a Cajun accent in that movie? There's no way a straight person would ever think that sounded accurate. Or human.

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