9 Actors Who Made A Comeback In 2015

Oh, you can act after all?

The life of a has-been actor isn't fun. I don't know that from personal experience mind you (I gave up on acting in my student days); like most things in life, I learnt it from the movies. Birdman, The Artist, Braveheart; all Oscar winners and all affecting journals of actors' falls from grace (Riggan Thompson, George Valentin and Mel Gibson respectively) that show that once things take a turn, it can get pretty dark. Two of those movies end with someone almost blowing their brains out, while what happened after Braveheart in the real world was certainly explosive in another sense. But falling from the A-List isn't always the end. Some find a new lease of life on "celebrity" reality shows. Others bask in the now booming TV industry. One famed actor who shall remain nameless is my local milkman. However, if you're lucky, you'll step above all that and make a thunderous comeback. In fact, with this in mind Birdman was like a inception of irony, with its hero not only reclaiming fame and adoration, but the film's success doing the same for star Michael Keaton, who had never quite matched his own success as a nineties superhero. Now experiencing a major career resurgence - he stars in this year's Oscar-favourite Spotlight - he was certainly the comeback king of 2014. Keaton's not alone though; in 2015 many once-beloved actors have performed their way back into audience's hearts. Here are the nine biggest returning success stories.

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