9 Actors Who Made A Comeback In 2015

9. Kurt Russell

Big 2015 Films: The Hateful Eight, Furious 7 Some would argue Kurt Russell never needs to make a "comeback" - the triple whammy of Escape From New York, The Thing and Big Trouble In Little China are enough to immortalise him in the annals of of cult cinema and ensure he will be forever relevant. But even if you watch the trio of John Carpenter classics every weekend (I mean, what else is there to do on a Saturday night?), there's no denying he's not been present on the new release scene for a while. Well, it's time to change that. He's obviously the lead in The Hateful Eight, a bounty hunter taking Jennifer Jason Leigh's criminal to hang, which allows him to show off a mighty fine moustache. Reuniting with Tarantino after the previous "comeback" with Death Proof failed (because Death Proof was rubbish), this likely ensures he'll be a name on everyone's lips come Oscar season. On top of that though, he earlier this year he also starred in Furious 7. While The Hateful Eight certainly marks a notoriety high, it's taking up the almost mentor/geriatric commander in Vin Diesel's inexplicable hit franchise (this thing's made almost $4 billion worldwide) that really gives Russell a new lease of life - leaving the action before the droning finale, he's free to return in the next three movies (oh yeah, there's going to be a whole other trilogy before this thing grinds out).

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