9 Actors Who Sacrificed Everything For Terrible Movies

Chris Hemsworth's commitment to non-MCU roles hasn't quite paid off..

Chris Thor
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The lengths some actors are willing to go to just to have a movie made are both impressive and insane.

Making a movie takes months of filming, travel, press tours, and mental exhaustion, but that hasn't stopped some actors going a step further to ensure they're happy with their work.

Actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Robert de Niro are known for their crazy method acting techniques; others, such as Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling, are less about the method acting and more about taking risks with the film itself, switching up genres with every picture they star in.

The following actors fit both of these categories, either taking their role preparation to new heights or trying something totally different in hopes of shedding their previous image. The difference with these actors, though, is that the lengths they went to for their roles were all ruined by the awful films they ended up making.

Whether an actor who took their role preparation to new extremes or an up-and-comer felt like taking a major risk to prove themselves to audiences, here are 9 actors who sacrificed everything for terrible movies.

9. Jared Leto Gets Gout - Chapter 27 (2007)

Chris Thor
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Chapter 27 tells the story of Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon in 1980. Chapman is portrayed in the movie by Jared Leto, who for the role gained a ridiculous 67 pounds by eating tubs of ice cream mixed with olive oil.

This sure made him look the part, and gave him the opportunity to show off how serious an actor he could be, but the film itself was really up to his standard.

For starters, it's a predictable affair, offering up nothing new to say about Chapman or why he did what he did. On top of that, it's actually quite boring, with no shocks or big revelations.

For the role, Jared Leto suffered through a miserable diet and at one point found himself inflicted with gout, and though his role was far and away the best part of the film, the movie itself wasn't worthy of his effort.


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